• Project Labor Agreements

    Statute allows state agencies to require PLAs on projects when determined appropriate. Statute requires PLAs on some transportation projects procured through public-private partnerships.

  • Prevailing Wage

    Yes; no monetary threshold.

  • Right to Work


  • Public-Private Partnerships

    Statute allows state and local entities to enter into P3s on transportation projects and certain social infrastructure projects.

  • Workforce Development Incentives

    Current labor supply satisfies 151% of peak labor demand.

    State offered $50,206,800 in grants and incentives for workforce preparation and development in 2021.

  • Career and Technical Education

    80% of CTE high school graduates placed in colleges or careers.

    Illinois does not recognize NCCER as an approved curriculum for CTE programs.

  • Job Growth Rate


Monthly Unemployment Rate in Illinois

Please see ABC's state-by-state construction unemployment data here.

Industry Overview

Prompt Pay

Private: Owner to prime has 40 days total to pay (25 to approve invoice, 15 to pay it).
Public: Owner to prime has 60 days total (30 to improve invoice, 30 days to pay).
Subs: Prime to sub and sub to lower tier within 15.

Immigration/E-Verify Mandate

Private businesses are allowed to voluntary use E-Verify; however, the law provides for privacy and anti-discrimination protections for workers when employers violate E-Verify procedures. State law prohibits the state or localities from requiring employers to use E-Verify.

Percentage of State GDP From Nonresidential Construction


Incidence Rate


Occupational Safety & Health Oversight (State vs. Federal)

State plan covers state and local government workplaces.

Percentage of Union Membership in Private Construction


Marijuana Legalization Status

Legalized for both medicinal and recreational use. As a note, Illinois became the first state to legalize marijuana for recreational use through conventional legislative action as opposed to a citizen-voted ballot referendum or other action.

Business Facts

Minimum Wage


Percentage of Pensions Funded


Effective Real-Estate Tax Rate


Corporate Income Tax Rate(s)


State and Local Public Construction Expenditures (in millions)