• Project Labor Agreements

    No state policy, although some local government entities have implemented PLA mandates.

  • Prevailing Wage


  • Right to Work


  • Public-Private Partnerships

    Statute allows state entities and political subdivisions to enter into P3s for both social infrastructure and transportation projects.

  • Workforce Development Incentives

    Skills Enhancement Fund – Provides assistance to businesses to support training and upgrading skills of employees required to support new capital investment. Grant may be provided to reimburse a portion (typically 50%) of eligible training costs over a period of two full calendar years from the commencement of the project. Most used for manufacturing companies. Other companies may be eligible if a regional headquarters and can demonstrate significant portion of its business involves transactions with out of state entities.

  • Career and Technical Education

    97% of CTE high school graduates are placed in colleges or careers.

    Indiana does not recognize NCCER as an approved curriculum for CTE programs.

  • Job Growth Rate


Monthly Unemployment Rate in Indiana

Industry Overview

Prompt Pay

Private: Does not have law in place.
Public: The contractor shall be paid in full including all escrowed principal and escrowed income by the state agency and escrow agent within sixty-one (61) days following the date of substantial completion.
Subs: For public projects, a prime must pay subs within 10 days of getting paid. There is no rule for paying lower tiers.

Immigration/E-Verify Mandate

Law requires state and local government agencies and contractors to use E-Verify and creates a state tax credit incentive for private employers to use E-Verify.

Percentage of State GDP From Nonresidential Construction


Incidence Rate


Occupational Safety & Health Oversight (State vs. Federal)

State plan covers private workplaces and state and local government workplaces.

Percentage of Union Membership in Private Construction


Marijuana Legalization Status

Fully illegal.

Business Facts

Minimum Wage


Percentage of Pensions Funded


Effective Real-Estate Tax Rate


Corporate Income Tax Rate(s)


State and Local Public Construction Expenditures (in millions)