• Project Labor Agreements

    State entities are prohibited from implementing PLA mandates on state projects that receive more than 50% of their funding from the state. State agencies are also prohibited from making PLA mandates a condition for receiving state grants. Local entities that want to implement a PLA mandate are required to conduct a study and hold a public hearing, but this has resulted in infrequent PLA use on local projects, such as schools and municipal centers.

  • Prevailing Wage

    Yes; no monetary threshold.

  • Right to Work


  • Public-Private Partnerships

    Statute authorizes the use of P3s on transportation projects, but does not permit or prohibit the use of P3s on vertical projects. Unsolicited bids are not allowed.

  • Workforce Development Incentives

    Missouri Works Training – Provides funds directly to companies based on their application and training plan. Some training may require a company investment in training of 50%. Tax incentives are offered to employers who hire apprentices. Employers are reimbursed up to 50% of the wages of workers hired through the on-the-job training program, up to 1,040 hours. However, the construction industry is generally ineligible.

    Youth Opportunity Program – Offers 50% tax credit for monetary contributions and wages paid to youth in an approved internship, apprenticeship or employment project and 30% tax credit for property or equipment contributions.

  • Career and Technical Education

    94% of CTE high school gradutes are placed in colleges or careers.

    Missouri recognizes NCCER as an approved curriculum for CTE programs.

  • 5-Year Average Job Growth Rate (2011-16)


Monthly Unemployment Rate in Missouri

Industry Overview

Prompt Pay

Private: All persons who enter into a contract for private design or construction work after August 28, 1995, shall make all scheduled payments pursuant to the terms of the contract.
Public: A public owner shall make progress payments to the contractor on at least a monthly basis as the work progresses. Final payment 30 days after final invoice.
– Private: As agreed to in contract.
– Public: Payment to subcontractors and material suppliers within fifteen days after receipt of payment under the public construction contract.

Immigration/E-Verify Mandate

Statute requires all public employers, businesses with a state contract or grant in excess of $5,000 or any business receiving a state-administered or subsidized tax credit, tax abatement or loan to use E-Verify.

Percentage of State GDP From Nonresidential Construction


Incidence Rate in Construction (2013)


Occupational Safety & Health Oversight (State vs. Federal)

Federal oversight.

Percentage of Union Membership in Private Construction


Marijuana Legalization Status

Fully illegal.

Business Facts

Minimum Wage (2016)


Percentage of Pensions Funded


Effective Real-Estate Tax Rate


Corporate Income Tax Rate(s)


Capital Spending % As Share of Total State Spending (2013)