New York

  • Project Labor Agreements

    Wicks Law Reform.

  • Prevailing Wage

    Yes; no monetary threshold.

  • Right to Work


  • Public-Private Partnerships

    The state passed the Transformational Economic Development Infrastructure and Revitalization Projects Act which authorized P3s on three specific projects related to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, the Empire Station Complex, the James A. Farley Redevelopment, and the Pennsylvania Station New York Redevelopment. The specific projects addressed also will include PLAs “provided that…its interests are best met by requiring a [PLA].”

  • Workforce Development Incentives

    Employer Training Incentive Program – Provides a tax credit to employers for training investments that upgrade, retrain, or improve the productivity of their employees, and approved internship programs that provide training in advanced technologies. The credit is equal to 50% of the eligible training costs up to $10,000 (per employee), and 50% of the stipend paid to an intern p to $3,000 (per intern). The credit will be allowed for the tax year in which the eligible training is completed. In order to be eligible, businesses must operate in New York, predominantly in a strategic industry, which are defined by the Commissioner of Economic Developments.

  • Career and Technical Education

    97% of CTE high school graduates are placed in colleges or careers.

    New York does not recognize NCCER as an approved curriculum for CTE programs.

  • 5-Year Average Job Growth Rate (2011-16)


Monthly Unemployment Rate in New York

Industry Overview

Prompt Pay

Private: Owner must pay prime with progress payments, within 42 days of receiving invoice.
Public: Owner must pay prime within 30 days of receiving invoice.
– Private: Prime must pay sub and sub must pay prime within 7 days after receipt.
– Public: Prime must pay sub and sub must pay lower tiers within 15 days.

Immigration/E-Verify Mandate

No law in place.

Percentage of State GDP From Nonresidential Construction


Incidence Rate in Construction (2013)


Occupational Safety & Health Oversight (State vs. Federal)

State plan covers state and local government workplaces.

Percentage of Union Membership in Private Construction


Marijuana Legalization Status

Legalized for medicinal use, decriminalized for personal use.

Business Facts

Minimum Wage (2016)


Percentage of Pensions Funded


Effective Real-Estate Tax Rate


Corporate Income Tax Rate(s)


Capital Spending % As Share of Total State Spending (2013)